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Our space suffered along the times various evolutions, from a tavern owned by Ti Manel da Quinta, it became a Ti Manel da Quinta tavern, Ti Manel da Quinta tavern, Ti Manel da Quinta sale, Ti Manel da Quinta eating house and finally Ti Manel da Quinta restaurant. This evolution allowed us to improve the knowledge of traditional cooking, where to eat the best alcatra, where to eat the best typical food from Terceira or even where to eat traditional Azorean food. Our specialities are the meat alcatra, fish alcatra, rabbit alcatra, bean alcatra and chicken alcatra, among other typical dishes. Here you can eat the best alcatra from Terceira and experience a traditional space with the comfort and modern demands of the restaurant business. Where to eat cheaply in Terceira? Without a doubt our restaurant offers plenty of options of traditional gastronomy at an excellent price. How do I get to the restaurant? The restaurant is located in Quinta do Martelo, 10 minutes away from the centre of Angra do Heroísmo. Best alcatra from Terceira? Our alcatra is prepared in accordance with the old knowledge.

Restaurant installed in a rural house that respects the particular architectural features of Terceira island, two floors, with the ground floor occupied by shops, the back facades, the round lintel windows and the guillotine glazing.

In the shops on the ground floor, in musealized environments, the commercial and domestic experiences of Terceira and Azorean society are recalled.

A space in the old fashion, which features traditional Azorean cuisine, in particular Terceira cuisine, where it incorporates the best regional ingredients, full of genuine flavors and spirit.

The perfect union between history and the table, which provides our customers with a return to the genuine past full of traditions.


Our Menu

Ancestral techniques are used, both in form and times
of cultivation, in the making of many of our dishes.


The organic production of Quinta do Martelo, every day at our restaurant table.
The organic production center at Quinta do Martelo has received the European Union certification of "Organic Farming".

Quinta do Martelo combines the best environmental practices with a high level of biodiversity, preserving natural resources and applying production methods using natural substances and processes.

Quinta do Martelo applies high standards in terms of the welfare of your animals.

Kangen Water
The Sale of Ti Manel da Quinta has a properly certified Kangen water machine, which charges antioxidant alkaline water, with associated moisturizing and detoxifying properties, water that is considered to have profound health benefits, which is used in the preparation of meals and served like table water.
We opted for Água Kangen as this is the best the best solution.
Because only she can bring together the 5 ideal characteristics:
» Purity - free from physical, chemical and bacteriological contaminants.
» Alkaline PH - prevents acidification and the appearance of the usual diseases in acid organisms.
» Negative ORP - antioxidant, helps to neutralize free radicals and their harmful effects.
» High conductivity - improves the electrical conduction of the nervous system.
» Low surface tension - micro-cluster, makes water super hydrating.

The appreciation of a wine is something very particular, each customer has their preferences and each has a unique taste sensitivity. The Sale of Ti Manel da Quinta offers our customers a wide variety of wines from the Douro Region, the Alentejo Region, other Regions and the Azores.
Currently the restaurant has more than 130 wine references.

Our Team

Gilberto Vieira

Owner of Quinta do Martelo

For more than three decades of work, it has maintained the genuine rural environment of Terceira, where the buildings and props, the gastronomy, the surroundings of uses, customs and festive aspects stand out.

Dona Rosa

The mother

Guardian of knowledge and flavors of tradition.


Our employees

In this kitchen, where traditional knowledge reigns, from the freshest vegetables, harvested on the spot and produced without the use of chemicals, passing through the fresh fish from our sea, to the best meats cooked with wood, in ancestral recipes, with all hygiene and care. food security, lies the soul of the Quinta do Martelo restaurant.

The Best Traditional and Typical Restaurant

Located on Terceira Island, Angra do Heroísmo, Azores
our restaurant is the best place to eat and discover
the culinary traditions of Terceira Island.
In this space you can experience the architectural evolution and Terceira cuisine,
the tavern, the shop, the tavern, the tavern, the pastry house and the restaurant.

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